Minimum: $250.00

Minimum is the equivalent of 3000 sq. ft.

Typical price per Square Foot on flat area: $.09*

Typical price per Square Foot on slope area: $.10*+

Contractors and Homeowners please contact me for discounted rates on multi-job or larger square footage pricing.

Respray due to soil imbalances will be priced at 75% of original cost.

(See disclaimer for explanation of this cost. This is not a common situation.)

+ The reason for the different price is; in order for the slope to be stabilized, additional material will be used.

*Seed mixes available at this price are:

Standard mix=Bluegrass, Fescue, and Rye.

Ecoturf Watersmart low maintenance=Fescue Blend.

Duraturf low maintenance =Canadian bluegrass and Fescue blend.

Other seed mixes are available and my prices are variable based on the possible increased price of the mix.

For more mixes contact Pineview Horticultural Services or Horizon Landscape Supply.

Disclaimer for all hydroseeding and soil stabilization.

Prism Hydro is not responsible for soil imbalances. I guarantee my products by using top quality supplies that are tested and certified. I expect the owner or contractor to test the soil for imbalances. If the soil is inert or highly acidic the hydroseeding and soil stabilization will fail at no fault of Prism Hydro. After the soil is balanced Prism Hydro will reapply at additional cost.