Prism Hydroseeding is based out of Coeur d'Alene Idaho and is an Idaho Disadvantaged Business Entity.

Prism Hydroseeding is fully licensed and insured.

Idaho Contractors license: RCE-42406

Public Works License: 027512-D-4(02900)


A little note about Scheduling. My schedule is very flexible for many reasons,

weather, site delays, etc.I don't mind spraying in the rain or a little bit of

snow but I am weary of thunderstorms. My mix has glue in it for stabiliazation

but thunderstorms seem to create problems. If you are scheduled on a day with

heavy rain or thunderstorms expect a call from me. Also, if you need to reschedule

don't expect me to be upset or even a little annoyed I wont be. I have been

rescheduled upto 5 times just to get small jobs done. It's never a problem,

I figure it's the customers right to make sure the site is exactly how they want it before I show up.